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Chocolate Challenge

Attention all chocolate lovers: we need your help! The task is simple: send us your favorite, most mouthwatering chocolate recipes, and we’ll give them a go. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it). We’ll photograph them lovingly and those which really excite us we’ll feature in our upcoming Chocolate app! We want to be inspired: simple, complex, raw, frozen, dark, milk, white, whipped into a mousse or baked into a brownie- use your imaginations and surprise us! We’re not fussy- but we do insist that any recipe used in the making of this app is truly divine. Only true chocoholics need apply! Everyone has their own unique take on the world’s favorite sweet treat. Why not show off yours? A good excuse to dream about chocolate, anyway…

Think you’re up to the challenge? Then send in your recipes to info@food4friends.com!