Breakfast: love it or hate it, it really is the most important meal of the day

A strange and unfortunate thing has happened to me recently. I have begun to hate breakfast. Once my favorite meal of the day, a much loved reason to get out of bed every morning with a smile on my face, it has well and truly lost its appeal. I now firmly side with those who swear the very thought of breakfast makes them queasy, lasting without proper sustenance until the 11 o’ clock coffee and croissant break.

But you can’t ignore science. Skipping breakfast may feel like a good idea at the time, but the reality is, you are forcing your body to revert to starvation mode. It panics, thinking it doesn’t have access to food and using up precious energy reserves. Concentration doesn’t last long. Patience becomes ever more fragile. Even positivity takes a nosedive. All because we ask too much of our bodies in the morning.

I also don’t think it can be a coincidence that I used to be a very capable, optimistic, ‘what does the day hold in store for me today’ kind of person. Horribly annoying, yes, but full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for the tasks that lay ahead. I’m lucky these days if I can even prepare my coffee in the morning without splashing it all over the walls or some such similar catastrophe occurring.

So I have vowed to be kind to myself and drastically reboot my whole morning routine. I am determined to greet each day with optimism and efficiency again. I’ve given myself a whole week to slowly readjust; no smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for me just yet. Wish me luck, and let me know what does it for you in the morning. I’ll need some inspiration to make this work!


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