Sweet Reflections…

Sweet Contemplations…

Having just been lucky enough to spend my days translating our mouthwatering Chocolate! cookbook for the Ipad App Store, it got me to thinking. Firstly about chocolate, then more generally about our relationship to sweet foods in general and their place in our daily culinary lives. Yep, that’s right- spending hours every day staring at mouthwatering recipes does bring out one’s philosophical side. And it struck me that when a craving for something sweet strikes, the first thing most of us tend to reach for is a packet of cheap, ready made cookies or candy masquerading as chocolate- but at less than 30% cocoa and packed with additives, sugar, artificial colorings and flavorings, these are a poor substitute for the real thing. If there was only some way you could whip up your own batch of biscuits, muffins or chocolate brownies in the same time and with the same amount of effort it takes you to pop to the supermarket, I’m sure we’d all happily make the swap. Just try it. Once you’ve gotten past the psychological barrier of whisking a few eggs and weighing out a bit of flour, you’ll see just how easy it is to satisfy your sugar cravings in a fun, easy, and additive free way. And your friends will love you for it, too! Should you need any inspiration, just have a sneaky peek at Sweet! in the Ipad store. Once you’ve tried our chocolate layer cake there’s no going back…

By Zeena


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